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Prepare yourself for a Portuguese moment....
A pastry created before the 18th Century, full of flavour and aroma, with a wonderful crispy puff pastry and a creamy custard filling.
Best served warm, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar powder. Get ready  to be delighted with our delicious Pastel de Nata.
Alma 560 Cafe® is a new and unique concept with roots in the European Heritage & Traditions, recreating the atmosphere of a true Portuguese Cafe.
It represents the Passion & Soul that the Portuguese hold dear and share through their Culinary Traditions and Culture.
Our journey searching for the best coffee started long time ago and we believe to have found the perfect coffee to serve you. It’s a speciality grade from Brazil and Mexico, hand roasted in Dubai with the highest standards.
After all, you deserve the best!

​We Welcome you to Alma 560 Café